Mystery Box 3

Clocks & Cinematic Rhythms • Kontakt Library

FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 or above required

MYSTERY BOX 3 – Clocks & Cinematic Rhythms

Mystery Box 3 is a sample library based on cinematic clocks and rhythms.  We’ve meticulously sampled ancient clocks, old mechanical devices, gears and wheels, mechanisms from industrial facilities, broken toys and organic sources as well (steps, water drops, wood, fire and gas).

The result is a simple yet powerful instrument including 2 Kontakt instruments and 400+ samples, that will provide a tensive, atmospheric rhythmical backbone to your cue. 

Mystery Box 3 contains an hidden 20% discount* on a list of selected titles (please read following sections)


Mystery Box 3 features two Kontakt instruments: Clock Loops and Clock Sequencer.

Mystery Box 3 Loops

-Clock Loops is a collection of 160 tempo synched loops and 30 cinematic one shots, created from several categories of sources (mechanics, machinery, metallic ticks, organic etc). Regardless of the master tempo in your DAW, the loops will always stay in sync. You can experiment by overlapping the several categories of loops to create interesting rhythmic combinations.

You have 4 loop layers (Mechanical, Metallic, Creepy and Organic), organised according to their time signature (16th, 8th, 4th and 2). Each selected layer contains 10 samples on the virtual keyboard.
The one-shots are divided in Booms, Dark Hits, Low Organic Hits, Electronic Kicks, Metallic Screams and Digital bleeps, each one featuring 5 samples on the virtual keyboard.

All the rhythmic loops featured in the instrument have an original tempo of 60 bpm and length of 1 bar, they are tempo synched with Time Machine in HQ mode in Kontakt. So, even at very high or low tempos, the sound quality is not compromised.

Mystery Box 3 Clocks Sequencer

– Clock Sequencer is a step sequencer where you can create mechanical rhythms with individual “ticks” sampled from different sources. Clock Sequencer consists in three sequencer lines running at once on the top of each other, that can be programmed independently. Each of them is composed of 4 rows (4 samples) and corresponds to a different category of sounds, Heavy, Mid and Light. It includes a total of 224 samples, ranging from big machinery, huge metallic impacts and smashes to ancient clocks and metallic machinery, tiny ticks from small gear, clocks, typewriters etc.

Mystery Box 3 is a collaboration with sound designer and composer Marco Miele, who recorded most of the sources used.


Mystery Box 3 contains an hidden 20% discount usable on a selected list of products.Solve the puzzle on the Clock Loops GUI and the discount will show on the GUI (or head to the last page of the manual, the coupon is there). Also, it will scare you a lot…

List of eligible products

–  Stringache

–  Maleventum – War Horns

–  Maleventum II – Ancient Flutes

–  Pain Piano

–  Freaktion

Transfer Sound Pro



  • Old Clocks
  • Rhythmic machinery
  • Broken Toys
  • Gears and Cogwheels
  • Metallic sounds from industrial facilities
  • Ticking devices
  • Resonant structures, pipes and bells
  • Organic sounds (steps, water drops, gas bursts and breaths)
  • Processed cinematic impacts
  • Distorted metals and pings
  • Digital bleeps
  • Booms
  • Electronic Kicks


The Mystery Box series is for composers and sound designers looking for great cinematic sounds  and an intuitive, simple yet versatile sound design instrument at affordable price.

It also fits other genres like dark ambient, downtempo electronic music, etc.


– 20% Hidden Coupon

– 2 Kontakt Instruments, Clocks Loops & Clocks Sequencer

– 160 Tempo Synched Loops

– 224 individual ticks (Clock Sequencer)

– 35 Cinematic One Shots (Booms, Dark Hits, Organic Hits, Electronic Hits, Metallic Pings, Digital Distorted Bleeps)

– 44 Snapshots

– ‘Half Tempo’ function for the Clock Loops, to halve their speed and make them more versatile for higher tempos (>120 bpm)

– 3 independent sequencer lines in the Clocks Sequencer (Heavy, Light and Mid) to create endless rhythmic combinations

– Sound and Sequencer randomization (Clocks Sequencer)

– Samples from mechanical devices, old clocks, ancient machinery, industrial facilities and organic sources (water drops, steps on various surfaces, gas and fire bursts, breathings.


The nki instruments in MYSTERY BOX 3  require the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 or above.  You won’t be able to use them with the free Kontakt Player.

However, the Samples folder is accessible, so you will be able to use the wav audio samples in any audio/video software (for example, drag and drop them on the timeline of your DAW).

We won’t refund libraries in case of misunderstandings on the customer side about the proper version of Kontakt needed to fully use our libraries.


All prices listed do not include VAT

Available as Digital Download with Pulse Downloader
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One shot SFX (total)
420 .wav 96 kHz 24 bit
Number of Kontakt instruments
Size (unzipped)
642 MB
License agreement
Single-user license, Royalty-Free
Kontakt FULL v 5.8.1 or later  KONTAKT PLAYER NOT SUPPORTED!