Thank you for visiting our website. We firmly believe that a positive experience on this website cannot leave your data security aside; this document will explain the kind of data we collect when you use our website and how we treat said data.

According to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), “personal data” is meant as “any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier. This definition provides for a wide range of personal identifiers to constitute personal data, including name, identification number, location data or online identifier” (source:

Silence+Other Sounds website uses third party websites to collect, store or use some of the users’ personal data. Said third parties are listed in the following sections with a link to their Privacy Policy documentation.

Users must accept our Privacy & Cookies Policy to be able to use our services in full. As our Privacy-policy might change over time, we invite you to regularly check this page so as to stay updated with possible changes. A fully updated Privacy-policy disclaimer will be shown on every page of the website at each first session of the user.



At any time you can email us at info[at]silenceandothersounds[dot]com and ask about all of the following:

  • information about your data and our policy
  • permanent deletion of your data
  • changes to your data



When you place an order with us, when you write us by using the Contact form, when you signup to our mailing list, we collect some of your personal data. Third party services we use in this regard are listed below.


  1. E-Commerce Provider

We use FastSpring as external e-commerce provider to sell our products. We do not collect and do not store your credit card information. The payment process is entirely handled by FastSpring. Regardless you use PayPal, debit card or credit card, we have no access to any information regarding your payment account. We do not collect, retain or use your payment data as they do not pass through our website.

When you place an order, you are redirected to FastSpring to process the purchase. In doing so, we adhere to their Terms of Service. After the order has been fully processed, we store the following information provided during checkout: full name, email address, purchased products, amount spent and country. Such information are used to send you the download link/s, to track your order for future updates or in case you lose your product (hard drive crash, link expiry etc.) and in case we need to retrieve your order to send you your download link again. We don’t share those information with third parties.

According to FastSpring Terms of Service, we keep your purchasing history. For any doubt, please email us at info[at]silenceandothersounds[dot]com

Personal Data

Name, Email address, purchased products, amount spent and country.

FastSpring Privacy Policy –


  1. Newsletter signup

When you sign up to our mailing list, we will send you occasional e-mail messages to keep you posted with our products, news and freebies. Absolutely NO SPAM. Our mailing list service is Mailchimp.

Personal Data

Email address

Mailchimp Privacy Policy –


  1. Contact form

The contact form is meant to be used for general questions about our products, downloads, assistance and professional collaboration requests, or any other doubt or question described in the field “Subject”. When you write us by using our contact form, our Contact Form provider collects your personal data as specified in their Privacy Policy. We only have access to the following data: name and e-mail.

Personal Data

Name, Email address

Involved 3rd Party

Contact Form 7 by Rock Lobster, LLC. – Japan.

Privacy Policy –


  1. Site Reviews plugin

This plugin let us collect and show your reviews about our products. The personal data we retain when you submit a review are name, e-mail and IP. Among these only your name (or what is written in the ‘Name’ field) will be shown on our website.

Personal Data

Name, Email address, IP

Involved 3rd Party

Site Reviews by Paul Ryley and Gemini Labs


  1. Comment Form

Our comment form allows you to comment on each post of our Blog section. The data we collect are Name, Email, IP and Website (optional) in case you login as a guest and Name and IP if the login is performed through Facebook. Among these only your name (or what is written in the ‘Name’ field) will be shown on our website.
We do not use these information for marketing purposes (for that we have a Newsletter service!). No one will be allowed to access your social profile (Facebook) by clicking on your name. Every comment which contains a link is strictly moderated.

Personal Data

Name, Email address, IP

Involved 3rd Party

AnyComment by Bologer

Privacy Policy –


Silence+Other Sounds website uses cookies. At any time you can choose to disable cookies for our website from your browser, although this might affect your experience on our site, like the correct visualization of some pages. You can find specific information about disabling cookies at the following links:

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We use Google Analytics to retrieve information about your navigation data, such as number of visits, visited pages and content trending. We use these information to access general statistics on our website. Google Analytics uses cookies to recognize your device and retrieve information about your time of navigation on our pages, your IP, OS, browser and the websites you visited before landing on Silence+Other Sounds. 

Google Privacy Policy –

Google Cookies Policy –

You can deactivate Google Analytics following these instructions:

We may collect data about our website’s users’ interaction with our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube), carried out by means of share buttons and direct links. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of the following third parties:

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