I’m always looking for the most twisted and tortured sounds, and the Stringache and Freaktion libraries from Silence+Other Sounds are right up my alley. Weird clomping pulses, slow grinding textures, absolutely mental stabs, and just crazy sounds with an organic footprint. Both libraries are all over my score for the latest movie in the SAW horror franchise, so whenever we’re creeping through some dark tunnel you’ll be hearing Freaktion, and whenever we hear a jump-scare, you’ll be hearing some Stringache sounds for sure. Great stuff!Charlie Clouser, composer – SAW horror franchise
Within 5 minutes of pressing the buy button, Stringache was in the film I’m working on. I’m a sucker for mangled strings so this was exactly what I was looking for and I’ll be using it a lot in the future.Chris Dudley, film composer and keybordist
If you’re looking for something really intense, unnerving and unique Stringache is the way to go! I higly recommend it.Rick Del Castillo, composer