Freaktion Tormented metal SFX Horror cinematic sound library Artwork by Franz Russo



A collection of sounds from tormented metallic objects. Long pitch bends, scratchy rising elements, ear piercing screeches and even deep organic tones and vocal effects.

I’m always looking for the most twisted and tortured sounds, and the Stringache and Freaktion libraries from Silence+Other Sounds are right up my alley. Weird clomping pulses, slow grinding textures, absolutely mental stabs, and just crazy sounds with an organic footprint.

Both libraries are all over my score for the latest movie in the SAW horror franchise, so whenever we’re creeping through some dark tunnel you’ll be hearing Freaktion, and whenever we hear a jump-scare, you’ll be hearing some Stringache sounds for sure.

Great stuff!

Charlie Clouser, composer – SAW horror franchise


Gloriously Evil

5.0 rating
December 17, 2019

I picked this up to make some very unseasonal horror music during the festive period. Within minutes of installation these deliciously twisted sounds have breathed life into my dark horror cues. Along with Stringache, another superbly high quality library, prepare to make some sinister, fear inducing music. You won’t find sounds quite like these anywhere else!

Pete Checkley

The kind of SFX *INSTRUMENT* I am always looking for...

5.0 rating
February 15, 2019

I have to echo the other sentiments…but first this is the kind of Kontakt INSTRUMENT that I always hope for and very seldom end up with; there’s a handful of developers out there who work in this territory and obviously hundreds more who provide WAV/FLAC content – but it’s always ideal to have the ability to manipulate and control them within a dedicated interface. Very high quality samples and I hope this is the first of many items to come from S+OS as I always prefer instruments vs samples alone. Further, the generous offers are a huge plus. Worth watching the walkthrough for sure just FYI!

Tom Phillips/While Heaven Wept

Small price but great sounds!

5.0 rating
February 3, 2019

Easy to use and sounds great! Perfect for Action/Sci-fi/Horror trailer!
Can’t wait to use it in my next projects.

Cédric Chéty - Fox Audio Post-Production

Excellent product and superb customer support

5.0 rating
December 1, 2019

These sounds are impossible to find anywhere else.
The response time from support was almost instantly and queries resolved on the spot.
Thanks a million, guys!
Keep up the great work.


Great sounds!!

5.0 rating
July 14, 2019

Bought Freaktion for my horror/trailer tracks and it’s perfect for my purposes! Sounds are usable and extremely versatile. This library is very good itself, but the real fun begins when you try to manipulate the sounds by yourself! Great source of inspiration! Very cool! Highly recommended purchase!

Diego Capoccitti