Transfer Sound Pro and Lite Edition Artwork by Franz Russo


Transfer is a sound library about detail and complexity, evoking images of bio-robotic droid mutations, particle swirls, dematerializing objects, hi-tech engines shutdowns and pushing the boundaries of futuristic sound design.

Relict Free Sample Pack Artwork by Franz Russo


Relict is a collection of dark, spine-chilling sounds ranging from hard hitting trailer impacts to adrenalinic tension builders, from dodgy glitches and distortions to disturbing, scene-setting atmospheres and scapes.



Giuseppe Caiazzo

Sound Designer / Composer


Silence+Other Sounds is the project of sound designer and media composer Giuseppe SMHERTZ Caiazzo. Started as a personal musical outlet of experimental electronic music, S+OS evolved as a boutique sound design company oriented to modern, finely crafted sound assets and tools.

We aim to create evoking, vivid, unmistakable sound design and serve the wide community of composers, filmmakers, game developers and editors.

When words fail, our sounds won’t.


Companies and brands we collaborate with:


Transfer by Silence and Other Sounds is a spectacular library containing a huge number of gems.

Shaun Chasin, Composer, Sample Library Review